There are five main types of clubs, and although some clubs of same type may look different in appearance, its purpose is the same. If you just get started to play golf, before finding yourself the best golf clubs for beginners you need to understand their differences and their uses.


The name of these clubs originates from the fact that their heads are traditionally made from woods many years ago. Today, however, woods are made of metals and mostly titanium. They are numbered from 1 through 9 with the 1-wood, also called driver, is the lowest lofted and used to hit the ball the farthest. Driver has the most flat face which allows ball rise with the smallest angle that limiting the impact of wind. That’s why it is known as a nuclear bomb among golfers’ weapons if they know how to use it efficiently. However, this is the most difficult club for golfers to master as its long shaft makes it hard to control. Thus, beginner players should start with 3-wood or 5-wood instead. Woods with higher numbers have higher loft and they are designed to hit the ball in the fairway or from a tee.


Mountain Running: The Peak Justifies The Means

The alarm clock jangles my eyes open, but the room is as black as though they’re still closed. I leap from my bed, throw on my robe, and brew strong coffee. It is 5 a.m.

There is no reason to start this early to run up a mountain, but there is something about sunrise from the summit that I find irresistible.

I am superwoman, right? Rising at dawn to conquer towering peaks.


I am a 40-year-old English teacher who, until four years ago, didn’t exercise at all.

I started jogging because of vanity. I’d spent my 36th summer hoping that the baggy Bermudas would hide my once-taut thighs, and men’s T-shirts would conceal my ever-expanding midriff. By September, I was thoroughly disgusted with my oversized wardrobe and, huffing and puffing, I chugged once around the block. I lost 20 pounds in January and was trotting all over the neighborhood. I didn’t really like running, mind you, but the rewards were worth it.



A reversing camera in your car does not only help to save some amount of money by lowering the risks of minor accidents, but it would also save your life by offering increased visibility behind the vehicle. As a result, this would allow you to pay more attention to especially small animals and children in your vicinity.

What is a backup camera?

In general, a backup camera is a closed circuit TV or CCTV camera that is built on the rear of your car, along with a viewing display located on the dashboard. This helps the drivers to see clearly what are in the blind spot or behind them without needing to turn around to see.

In most backup camera reviews, it is highly recommended for using as it helps to maintain your vision and control. When you drive a car forward, at least you could see everything in front of the windscreen. But when moving backward, your visibility would be limited immediately in the blind spot and behind you on the rear of the passenger side. (more…)