There are five main types of clubs, and although some clubs of same type may look different in appearance, its purpose is the same. If you just get started to play golf, before finding yourself the best golf clubs for beginners you need to understand their differences and their uses.


The name of these clubs originates from the fact that their heads are traditionally made from woods many years ago. Today, however, woods are made of metals and mostly titanium. They are numbered from 1 through 9 with the 1-wood, also called driver, is the lowest lofted and used to hit the ball the farthest. Driver has the most flat face which allows ball rise with the smallest angle that limiting the impact of wind. That’s why it is known as a nuclear bomb among golfers’ weapons if they know how to use it efficiently. However, this is the most difficult club for golfers to master as its long shaft makes it hard to control. Thus, beginner players should start with 3-wood or 5-wood instead. Woods with higher numbers have higher loft and they are designed to hit the ball in the fairway or from a tee.