30-minute exercise at home for cardio

As the holidays are coming to town, shopping, parties, traveling and seasonal excursion could begin to take a lot of your time, thereby leaving little one to work out. However, it does not mean that your physical fitness (which you would practice so hard for the whole year) is going to go down.

This exercise at home for cardio is good method to burn excessive amount of calories and keep the metabolic process active during the seasonal holidays. In addition, it also greatly works for your mindset and attitude

You should do this cardio exercise in the morning so that you would be empowered and energized for the rest of your day.

How does it work?

Do the exercise with 4 moves, and then move to the major circuit at once. Do every exercise as quick as you can for just one minute without relaxing between movements. After you have finished a full circuit, have a break for one minute, and then do the major circuit again for two more times. If you have energy and time, you should do 3 more times instead of 2. Finish the exercise by cooling down with the yoga.

Warming up: squatting with overhead arms

You could warm up for this exercise without using the best treadmill for home use. Firstly, stand with the feet apart with your hip and raise up your arms with the palms opposite to each other. Bend your knees and move back the hips as if you were sitting on a chair. Pull the blades of shoulder back and down. Use the muscles of the buttocks to stand. That is all for one time of this exercise. In general, you should do this exercise for 10 in total.

Warming up: bridging

Lie with your face toward the ground (optional mat), put your feet below the knees. Keep the hands on your edges and use the muscles in the buttocks to raise up the hips against the floor. Then lower back slowly to the ground. Keep the back and neck casual when you are using the muscles in the hamstrings and buttocks to raise down and up for ten times in total.

Main part: mountain climbing

Begin with the position of plank, put your hands straight and below the shoulders. The body must create a straight shape from the ankles to the neck. Raise the left feet and make the left knee up to the middle of the body. Switch to another leg quickly and make the right knee up to the middle of the body. Do this exercise as many time as you can in one minute.

Main part: Burping

Stand with the feet apart with your hip. Then bend the knees and drive off the floor as great as you can. Make the chest lower to do a press-up. The jump back with your foot and stand up. Do it again by jumping up immediately. Keep doing this exercise as many times as you can for one minute.

Main part: squat jumping

To begin with, stand with the feet apart with your hip. After that, push back the hips and make the knees bend to a squatting position so that you could prepare to leap. Then jump as best as possible. When you land, squat immediately and jump another time. Picture that you are forcing away the ground when you make a leap. Thus, you could use the arms to make a higher jump. Do this exercise as many times as you can for one minute.

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